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Project Description
Provides a easy to use, state of the art Bitcoin library for your .NET apps.

Freely inspired by BitcoinJ (and it's .net port, that doesn't work without modifications, BitcoinSharp), the goal is to make the library (in order of priority) easier to use, more stable, faster and more complete, thanks to a better architectural design and usage of specific .net APIs.
The goal is to have the best Bitcoin library against all languages, which shouldn't be that difficult given small amount of libraries available.

This project is under development and can't be used yet
Developers are always welcome! :)

Progression of the project
  1. Importation of BitcoinJ core objects (Block, BlockChain, Message, etc.) + basic refactoring
  2. Testing to make things working + unit testing to make sure that things will continue to work
  3. Increased refactoring for better architecture and performance improvements
  4. Improving stability (dealing with exceptions, etc.)
  5. Implementation of new features

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